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EllyBLUE is a "lifestyle" boutique located in the historic part of Colorado Springs in Old Colorado City.  Originally opened in 2004, EllyBLUE specializes in women's clothing, jewelry, whimsical gifts and home decor.  The store is named after our cute little dog Elly who is a border collie/blue heeler mix with one blue eye hence the name EllyBLUE.  We believe Elly epitomizes the Colorado ranch dog - hardworking, natural and smart.  This is what we try hard to reflect inside the walls at EllyBLUE and also in the products we offer.  


Our focus is to provide customers with a quality product, affordable and unique.  Our clothing is classic not trendy, high quality and often of natural fibers.   We are also committed to offering  the highest customer service.  We hope you enjoy your time at EllyBLUE!



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