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Handcrafted Beautiful Bobbles

Unique and handcrafted Colorado jewelry is what the ladies at EllyBLUE crave this time of year! We love that we can carry unique pieces that are easy to wear and carry you though your classic, bohemian, and casual outfits!

This year don’t forget to add these two Colorado made jewelry companies to your Christmas list!

Original Hardware Jewelry

Original Hardware is located and crafted in Littleton, Colorado out of the most unique high-quality materials and semi-precious gemstones. They use handcrafted components made by skilled artisans from around the world to make their jewelry special.

Their mantra is everything we could ever hope to live our lives with!


We love Carrie Schafer’s view of how her jewelry came to be and her way of continuing to produce high quality jewelry while growing a company that is women-owned and hosts a talented team of women designers.

“We all have a little voice in our head that urges us to diverge off-course, to try something new. Many times, we choose to ignore it in favor of the path that is comfortable, the path that is all-knowing and well worn. But it is these little diversions that take us--if we let them--to the most unexpected, wonderful places.”

We hope that when you come into EllyBLUE and find that special piece of Original Hardware jewelry that it will inspire you will venture out and show whom you truly are so that “your life will unfold miraculously in front of you”.

Christy Lea Payne Jewelry

If you love those unique pieces that find beauty in imperfection then Christy Lea Payne’s jewelry is perfect for you!

Inspired by colorful Colorado with touches of the southwest, handcrafted in Denver Colorado, Christy Lea Payne uses gold, sterling silver, bronze and semi-precious stones.

Christy’s designs are the perfect combination of rustic and elegant making these pieces easy to take from every day life to a date night!

We love that each pieces is unique and beautiful so that each women who wears Christy’s jewelry feels special and one of a kind!

“I love to find the special imperfections in the pieces I design which makes each piece unique. So few things in life are perfect,” says Christy.

In this gifting season we hope that you find your unique piece of jewelry from either Original Hardware or Christy Lea Payne so that you feel one of a kind and you can shine as bring on the outside as you do on the inside!

Come see both Colorado made jewelry companies in EllyBLUE and add them to your Christmas list!


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Keep an eye on our blog for highlights of amazing merchandise, love and great ideas from our Inspiring Owner Pat Stock and our Social Media Maven Keely Henkle

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